Origin- Brazil

Chakra alignment- Heart, Crown and higher chakras, all.



*This piece  holds rainbows that catch the light and dance around, the rainbow ray is present with the elemntals offering their blessings with this crystal, its very much alive with higher vibrations assing through it.  Its sphere shape will distribute energy in all directions, so its erfect for healing rooms and the home to bring a clearing, higher vibration in.


My message through the lemurian grids recently was one of focus on the heart and higher heart connection to the crown, this family listed are keys of light that hold and offer the golden heart keys of Lemurian and their healing ways. They are awakening and teacher stones. here to take us deeper within our hearts for gentle opening and just like our hearts they tell me they have many chambers within to explore.


*This lemurian quartz comes to you fully activated by the sea, gridded with my master Lemurians and has an overlighting wisdom of 'Amara' the water priestess being very present. Her conciousness is more of a collective frequency of lemurian, the unity codes, dolphin and whale frequencies.


*Lemurian Quartz is thought to be programmed with the wisdom of the Lemurian’s (the lost civilization)  it is called Lemurian because it has ridge like markings along one of 2 of the faceted sides. 


*Hold the crystal in meditation and stroke your finger along the ridges up and down on the back facets to unlock any wisdom and downloads that can flow into your energy and spirit body.


*It balances all chakra’s and amplifies the crystals energies around it- as all quartz does.


*It can shine a light on emotional turmoil to create growth and self-love.


*It’s good for opening channels of communication with spirit guides


*All Lemurian crystals are wand shaped naturally, the conduct, amplify and focus the universal life force. 


*It is a very powerful all round healing tool.

High Grade Lemurian Crystal Sphere

  • This is a hardwaring stone that can take any form of cleansing.


    **Crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of medicine or treatment.**

  • 8cm x 8cm