Chakra alignment- Solar Plexus and Sacral.

-If chooseing from Group A, we have 3 avalaible we will hold your name in our heart and choose for you-


*Honey calcite has a rich energy that feels just as it sounds to me, the energy is like honey. Thick and nourishing. It amplifies energy, helps with any challenges associated with change.


*As you can imagine with the name it invokes the energy of the Honey bee, which as a totem is all about the divine feminine, and supporting a rise through your feminine line and all the qualities linked to that, supporting surrender, release and a deeper dive into your intuition and most importantly, trusting it.


*It enhances psychic abilities, astral work and alignment with your higher self.


*This stone increases your sense of worth and confidence, helps boost your intellect and brain capacity.


* Enhancing joy and optimism.


*Used it over the kidneys, bladder and female organs, its also supportive of menopausal symptoms 


*It brings balance between the solar plexus and sacral when placed on one or both of these chakras.

Honey Calcite Towers

  • You can cleanse this crystal in any way.


    Crystals are a great tool to aid healing but should never be used instead of medicine.

  • Approx measurments-

    Group A- 8cm x3cm

    B-9cmx 3cm

    C-9cm x 3.5cm