Origin- Morocco

Chakra alignment- All chakras.

Size small-4cmx. 3.5cm

Medium- 5cmx 4cm


*Ammonites are powerful talismans used for healing, they are said to improve the flow of life force energy through you. For me they are all about renewal and fresh energies, which spiral into your energy body through all layers.  The rainbow ray brings in faith, trust and integrity in all that is within you, the light.  It’s a wonderful refresher stone to use if you're going through great transitions and rebirth.


*It's naturally coated in an Opal finish in reds and rainbow colours that gives it this very activating feeling. Place it on each chakra in turn to spiral in the energies of all of the coloured rays and more life force energy to refresh your system.

* It activates metaphysical powers and inter-dimensional exploration.

*It holds all the colour rays so can be used on any chakra but is good to place on the third eye for releasing mental obsessions and past life blocks. 

*It's a great karmic cleanser to work with.

*It represents coming full circle and knowing a place for the first time.

*Ammonite has the souls path encoded within it and is a useful support for rebirthing.

* It activates personal empowerment, converting negative energy into a gently flowing positive spiral.


Iridescent Ammonite-Naturally opalized

Iridescent Pearlized Ammonite