I am offering you a guided meditation audio to help you access and sit in the flames of your heart. With light language transmissions from Venus and Andromeda.


Our hearts hold our divine essence and the three fold flame of wisdom, love and truth. It is here we can co create, live and move through to bring jus into full alignment with our souls path and mission work on this earth.

It's important with every moment, meditation, choice and decision we sit in our hearts  flames to be in love and gain a higher perspective.


The heart has the ability to soft, hold, offer love and compassion and it's where we should be operating from.


Through all of my crystal classes and courses the first thing I do is align and bring people to this space, their heartspace. From here with love we can heal all.

This meditation guides you to the heart to sit in your heart’s flames for an activation of love. 


I hope you enjoy it, and all it brings you.


With love from my heart to yours.

Katie-Jane xxx


**If you have taken part in my new earth crystalline course you would have received this.**


Journey into your heart