Beloved friend,


Thank you so much for purchasing this video-


'A Journey with Ascended Master Saint Germain'


You will receive the video URL and a PDF written excerpt from My book (still in the making), brought forward from Saint Germain, with a bit about alchemy. I recommend watching the video first then sitting with the text as it may bring more through for you, to sit and journal with.


This video is an activation to align and bring forward your souls base note resonance, the pure tone within your heart, where all things are alchemised and created.


-Foundation’s lesson of Master Saint Germain’s Alchemy School.



This is a journey to marry your personal; crystalline, plant and tree true tone keepers consciously into and through your heart portal. It brings forward activation, cosmic consciousness and our divine Sophia Christos template.


It's a harmonious marriage of crystals, plants and trees, the true tone keepers and amplifiers. It is the earth's sacred Harmonics activating within you to the power of 3. You are the sacred instrument, and this video It has MANY subtle layers, one of them is it connect in with the diamond light grids and templates around you to expand into them as it activates a shift in conciousness.



It reminds us how we can harness and reconnect with these principles to help deepen our awakening and align with the cosmic heart, the energies of pure love, unity and oneness.




***I must apologize in advance, my mic did not work, so it is recorded through my computer audio which is not as clear (I found out after the recording) you can still hear me fine, but I am sure you can appreciate this could not be recorded again, it was very much in the moment. And i surrendered to the fact that it is what it is.



Before watching-


I advise you to have a notebook and pen to hadn’t after to note down your crystal, flower and tree that stepped forward to be known through your hearts portal. You can continue to journey through your heart and connect with these elements for deeper messages after.


If you find yourself checking out, and what I mean by that is, closing your eyes and just sleeping or resting, it could be because you are going into your personal teachings with Saint Germain and receiving messages from him.


Sending you bright beams of love for all that you do.


**Once I have the payment recieved please allow for 24hours to get this recording and PDF to the email attached through the order.


Much love

Katie-Jane xxx

Journey with Ascended Master Saint Germain