Origin- Madagasca

Chakras- Third eye, heart and throat.

*I will hold your name in my heart and choose one for you*


Size- 6cm x 4cm


These labradorite dragon is an Air dragon, a very wise woman, mothering energy who wishes to help you open and expand the pathways from the third eye to pituatory, she shows me this specific mission of awakening. but she also will stand by your side as a protector, she show me the silver sword to help cut you free of any binds or ties that have blocked your third eye, she insits she will help you dig deeper. You will notice her colour is very grey and soft for a labradorite crystal, this symbolizes her feminine energy, her energy purrs -almost like a cat. She's here to nurture your soul and hold you through any transitions, she is impressing on me the feeling that she will help ease grief in particular as you change and move through transitions.


*Labradorite is an excellent psychic protector stone, wearing or carrying it allows your magical powers to surface. Her energy is such a mystic, wise woman vibration, I love that she supports you bring deep wisdom surface from your past lives to reclaim and empower you.

*She opens your third eye whilst still protecting your energy body. A real must have for healers, or anyone strating their healing journey. I use it on my third eye when I feel any tension there ir feel it pulsing and it moves through and release that pressure instantly - just by being placed on my third eye.

*It enhances clairvoyance, telepathy and communication with higher guides, spirits and help in accessing Akashic records, psychic readings and past-life recall.

*It provides an ease in moving between the worlds, giving you a safe and grounded return to the present. 

*It brings out the best in people, balancing any negative sides to our personality

Labradorite Dragon