Origin – USA

Chakras – Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Size – 3.5cmx 2cm


  • Lapis Lazuli is an extremely potent stone that harnesses the energy of Ancient Egypt;  it was revered by the Egyptians (and other ancient civilisations) as a stone of royalty.  The ankh symbol is representative of eternal life in Ancient Egypt. These pieces are great for gridding.
  • It always strikes me as a creative, visionary stone that holds great power when it comes to developing and supporting one’s clairvoyant abilities. Meditating with a piece of Lapis placed on the third eye can spark psychic visions and stir and unlock ancient knowledge that is held and encoded within our bones. This is because Lapis is renowned for being one of the best-known minerals for activating the higher mind.
  • I also like to work with Lapis Lazuli when accessing past life information or working with the Akashic Records, particularly when accessing past lives that are linked to Ancient Egyptian, Sumerian and Peruvian timelines and of course, Atlantis. Going into a meditative state and setting the intention to retrieve knowledge from these lifetimes and timelines can be a powerful practice, particularly if you allow the images that you are shown to flow into your mind without question or analysis. This is because Lapis usually likes to show us images rather than give us words, although of course the most important thing is that you try this for yourself and remain open to how the stone wishes to work with you. Remember, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.
  • Lapis Lazuli has a very protective energy about it, which is most likely a significant factor in why ancient civilisations revered it so much. It really is a magnificent stone to work with, although it’s another one that you may find easier to spend time with in short bursts until you become accustomed to its energy.

Lapis Lazuli Ankh