This Large White Sage bundle its picked and wrapped in Indian.  It comes with a little information on  cleansing your crystals with sage, and it clearse the space, home and land too.  make it part of your ritual using it before and after meditation and healing work, and to refresh and clear a space of unwanted energies.


Working with Sacred Smoke is all about intent,  take a few breaths to center yourself into your heart and hold the wish there to cleanse the spaceand yourself of any energies that do not serve your highest good 100% and the highest good of all.  


Light it and blow out, waft the smoke through your energy field and space to clear.  Welcoem the smoke into your body through all chakras top to bottom to clear you, respecting the plants energy and thanking it when you have finished, 


Always thank the energies of the plant after cleansing yourself, your crystals and the space.


Large White Sage Smudge Stick

  • Smudge stick approx-24cm x 4cm