Chakra alignment- Base chakra

Size- 5cm x 4cm


If you feel drawn to this skull you are ready for for a transformation or are going through one and he comes to support you. This is a very exciting time for you and you are fully supported. 


Lava rock is also known as Basalt, an intense mineral that forms when gasses in molten magma begin to solidify and harden.  They are found all over the world, and are one of the oldest and abundant minerals on the earth.


It is here to anchor the transmuting keys of raw fire through you, to assist rebirth, and to help you release old emotions and unhealthy attachments  you are struggling to let go of things.


Here to teach us about the depth and intensity of this human experience and how to embrace it all, it comes as a teacher stone, it grounds and calms, stabilizing and anchoring the root chakra.


Its new earth fire keys within it, will give you the boost to ignite and stand in your power, propel you up to reach your full potential and also bring you back down to earth.


Get ready to move forward and step up!


Places at your earth star chakra it will fan its firery energy and flames up and into your body, connecting you deeply to the earth.


Lava Stone skull