Origin- Brazil

Chakra- Throat + Heart.

Approx size- 3cm x 2 cm


**I will hold you in my heart and select one for you**


My love for Lemurian and bringing through the stones that speak for this golden age continues, I came across this energy recently, having never heard of them before and after sitting with them I can see why they are so needed now.  They are very feminine in frequency, very soothing and refreshing to your energy systems.  They wish, to bring clarity and presicion through your heart to help you focus your light on where it is needed most.  Its a focus stone, a clearing and cleansing stone and will align the throat and heart. We are needed too step up and use our voices more in a heart centered harmonious and balanced way and these stones assit this.


They really link to all ocean life, the waves and cycles of life, much like moonstone in their message they wish to honour the divine feminine. A very cleansing, and earth vibration to keep your mind clear and focus on the task in hand.


Legend ties Lemurian Blue Calcite to Lemuria, an ancient civilization believed to have been ruled by priestesses, who held a connection to the cosmos much deeper than what we know today. If you are feeling and recognising the call to these lemurian energies, chances are that you lived a lifetime there – and this lemurian calcite will help you recall those memories.


Calcite is a teacher stone, associated with happiness and peace, and Lemurian blue calcite carries those same properties with the addition of healing water magic.


Reminding you of your healing power and lineage. It unlocks past-life memories from Lemurian lifetimes, connects you with highwer octaves of light, and calls in the presence of your angels and guides during times of difficulty. 


Hold it to your Heart or Throat Chakra in meditation, asking it to refresh and re vitalise your energy, its watery energy is a very gentle cleanser.

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite