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Origin- Brazil- Minas Gerais Region, lapidated in Brazil in the same town.

Chakra alignment- Heart, Crown and higher chakras, all.

Approx Size7cm x 7cm



-Expanding, heart opening, divine mother energy


These Lemurian faceted crystals are attuned to the golden age energies of lemuria,  when they arrived with me each spin individually activating , first tunnelling into the ground to call the dragons in through the grids, where many dragons eggs were lit up (you will see this looks like a dragon egg)  After working with and caling forwards many dragons the ascended up through spine and landing the pineal gland where they spun a diamond activation.  Each crystal comes with an andromedan dragon guide (oversoul) to meet and work with.


This is what they offer to you when journeying and meditating with it in your hands.  You can visualise it spinning light, it is excellent for grid work and wishes to be ont he earth in the center of a grid, to move through the many earth grids below and linking its conciousness with the cosmic dragons of andromeda who have come in to establish new plasma light channels through the earth with you.


This is a stone for your individual activation, stimulating the crystals in the pineal gland to vibrate faster. The pineal gland holds the secrets to spiritual wisdom, inspiration, and psychic awareness.


Its also an important light for the earth grids, an important additional tool for any earth or grid workers.



About this Lemurian stones

Lemurians are here to open and expand the heart and to connect you with the universal heart and mind of this universe.  It is a stone for those who's path is unfolding to them, for those who wish to go deeper with the goddess, the star frequencies of the pleiades, Mintaken, dolphin and whale beings and Venus and those who are connecting with their Lemurian timelines.


It speaks of the diamond ray, they are bringing the purity of the diamond ray to earth, which is the vibration of lemuria and 5th Dimensional templates.


Lemurian crystals are heart awakening stone's, they are here to take us deeper into our hearts for gentle opening and just like our hearts, they tell me they have many chambers within to explore. The heart is said to have 33 chambers, lemurians have many more.  It is important when working with a lemurian crystal you take yourself inside the crystal to explore and receive.  It opens up to you deeply through different stages of your awakening. so you may feel the call to pick it up when you are moving through a heart transition.


The also act as a channel for vast information and light, to help you open up to your past lives through golden ages, gifts and connection to the angels, ancestors and star family. Just holding one will expand your light body 10 fold.


This stone speaks of holding space for healing rooms and workshops, it's a generous, full energy that just wishes to help you.  It has a very gentle voice, that will move its energy over in waves for slower unfolding.  She is patient and will hold you through deep shadow work. She wishes to work to the heart and higher heart.


*A stone of the divine mother, here to help us awaken to 'she' the shekinah flow of life through our core, bones, cells, atoms. It will teach you of the divinity of your soul and help you heal raw emotional themes around abandonment.  That many of us light workers carry through the ages within our ancestry, the abandonment of the mother.


*With a deep connection to the divine mother comes the qualities of compassion and forgiveness that it wishes to teach us. It specifically is interested in healing threads of abandonment you may feel in your body, she will identify that pain, trauma and fear, highlighting areas of 'lack' and she will help you move through it, bringing it to the surface with gentle ease.


*Lemurian Quartz is  programmed with the wisdom of the Lemurians (the lost civilization)  it is called Lemurian because it has ridge-like markings along one or 2 of the faceted sides. 


*People advise that to connect with a lemurian you hold the crystal in meditation and stroke your finger along the ridges up and down on the back facets to unlock any wisdom and downloads that can flow into your energy and spirit body. But I have found they respond incredibly to sound, holding it to your heart and chanting, toning and singing will wake it up more.


*It balances all chakras and amplifies the crystal's energies around it- as all quartz does.


*It can shine a light on emotional turmoil to create growth and self-love.


*It’s good for opening channels of communication with spirit guides


*All Lemurian crystals are wand shaped naturally, the conduct, amplify and focus the universal life force. 


*It is a very powerful all round healing tool, opening, clearing, lifting, amplifying and re balancing. You can't go wrong with lemurian quartz.


Lemurian Pineal Gland Activator with golden healer

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  • This is a hardwaring stone that can take any form of cleansing.


    **Crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of medicine or treatment.**

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