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Country of origin- rough material from Madagascar.
Chakra alignment- Third eye 

Size approx- 6cmx 6cm


This star elven comes with a connection to a lemurian council fo 13 elders, It will bring conection to your lemurian lives, bring forward Elven lineages and any healing needed on those lines for you and your soul group.  


Whoever becomes its guardian will recieve a note with any messages this elven being wishes to share with you, as I pack I connect with both your energies and listen.


Lepidolite-Calming , universal knowing and trust.


Lepidolite has such calming vibrations, just placing it at your bedside, or on your body will bring all your energy back to you, back into your body, so you can sit in stillness and feel calm and content.  Hers is a slow energy that grounds nicely at the third eye and heart, her inclusions of peace calcite bring still ness to the higher heart and a flow to the heart chakras balancing and bringing union.


*Good for healing the heart of shock, confusion, deep emotional suffering, grief and loss.


*It is a good aid in meditation- It will help you slip into an alpha state while meditating with it- it helps calm the mind and blocks out disruptive thoughts.


*It brings such a connection, to all that is, all that you are capable, to your higher self, your guides and the light within. If you are embarking on your psychic journey this is a wonderful supporting stone. A good stone to have with you when journaling.


*A wonderful calming stone, it soothes anxieties and depression. Bringing deep emotional healing.


*A very spiritual energy which helps you feel a spiritual sense of love for yourself and those around you.


*It is known to still obsessive thoughts and help you make decisions.


*On the Physical it is good for people with a weak immune system, as it can strengthen it. It will also help relieve exhaustion as it’s so uplifting.


*It helps identify and clear negative energy within your aura.


Lepidolite Star Elven being

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