Origin- India

Chakras- Crown and Higher Chakras.


This selenite charging base has a beautful laser etched Metatrons Cube design in the center


Said to be the template for everything in existence; all platonic shapes can be found within it, symbolizing creation,  reminding us of the unity of everything. 


It has been inscribed (by myself) with light language around the edge to charge and add higher vibrational cosmic energies to any crystal that sits within it. This is a wonderful tool to grid crystal on, or to place on your body or under a treatment table.


It is a ascension tool to help let higher vibrations in to heal. Each selenite plate has a energetic imprint of angelic frequencies, Pleidian and Venus energies.


The way it works 

Place a crystal in the center  and any other stones that wish to be around the outside. holding the intention to charge them with higher cosmic frequencies, and leave over night or for as long as you need.


The sacred geometry on grid base connects all crystals together in this grid but its alwasy good to bind them all with light, imaging a ray of light from your heart moving through your arm and out your hand, you use this beam to swipe your hand across each stne connecting it with the other and into the central point. I alwasy swirl my light throught the grid to spiral in new fresh energy too.


**I have included a photo of the base gridded with crystals so you can get a visual- it does NOT come with these, you could look at my crystal gridding page for some gridding stones to build with.



 This tool acts as a connector to higher conciousness and will charge and grid your crystals in a new way. You will not need to cleanse this as selenite is self cleansing and will cleanse other stones places on it. Please do not use water to cleanse them, the codes may wash off.


To refresh its energies leave it out on a full moon and sage it if you feel it needs it


Properties of Selenite


Illumination. Cleansing. purity


Selenite is connected to the moon goddess ‘Selene’ and holds a very femnine vibration, the energy of the wise woman aspect of the goddess.  She is nurturing and illuminating. She holds your energy body, fills and expands it with light.  


She opens the crown fully, so be aware if you wish to sleep soundly do not place her in your bedroom by your head- unless you want vivid, lucid dreams.


When working with Selenite placed at your crown, ask the Moon goddess Selene to come to you and pour her illuminating pure white luna light into your higher chakras, as she pours it from a crystal vase, each higher chakra opened to receive this glowing light that purifies, cleanses and refreshes all parts of you.


An angelic stone that helps you connect you to your angel guides and guardian angel..


It brings clarity and connection to the higher realms. Making it a key stone for psychic development, past life healing and clairvoyance.


It cleanses the auric field, your space and crystals, removing energy blocks and lower densities around them and you.


It is good for clearing and protection and especially good to work with in  crystal grids.


Promotes fertility and is a good protector through childbirth and motherhood.


The stone of love. Helping to maintain a loving relationship with yourself and those around you.


You can read more about light language on my blog and at my website www.katiejanewright.com.


Approx Size of the selenite base-14cmx 14cm depth-1.3cm

Light Language Selenite etched Metatron's cube