Chakra alignment- Throat and heart

Origin- Peru

Apprix Size-7cm x 6cm 



The crystals from Peru have really been seaking through the grids recently about the release of earths wisdom keys through the crystals, the ancient tribes and ancestors of that land are moving on and releasing the wisdom they protected and this is felt especially through Peru, as there are huge wisom releases through Bolivia, lake titicaca, and the sun gate at machu picchu. These beautful stones energy reflect this, they are bringing a balance to the heart and throat to allow us to move into a time, a new earth, where we can be confident in the alignment through them and speak from the heart in a very balanced way.


*The stone of transformation, encouraging change and emotional risk taking.  It shows you how you are blocking your spiritual growth and how you can overcome that. Helping you break un wanted ties and encourage you to expressing your feelings.

*The Chrysocolla in this stone aids heartfelt communication to surface more clearly, connecting and activating the throat and heart chakra.*It helps to heal you on an emotional and physical level, taking out impurities and stimulating your core life force energy. Place it on your heart chakra to understand you own needs and emotions clearly.

*I like to use Malachite as a protection stone, I find although its energy is dense and absorbing, its gentler than some protective stones. It absorbs negative energy and pollution from the environment and body.  It is good to place by a computer as it guards against radiation of all kinds, or by your bedside table to absorb anything you may have picked up through the day.

*Helps if you suffer from depression and anxiety, and heals emotional abuse. Encouraging healthy relationships based on love not need.

*It helps you overcome fear of confrontation, or fear of being seen, helping you find inner strength to take your rightful place within the universe.

* Place it on your third eye to activate psychic vision.

*Place it on the Solar plexus to facilitate deep emotional healing and old trauma.



  • stimulates the throat chakra, enhancing one’s skills in communication. 
  • Stone of truth (very strong truth stone)
  • Shattuckite’s highest use is in the communication of wisdom and information from the higher realms. 
  • stone of the third eye and the psychic centers, it facilitates the practice of automatic writing as well as vocal channeling.
  • Shattuckite has also been utilized as a "past life" cleanser and healer.

Malachite and Chrysocolla