Chakra alignment- Heart and Crown

Origin- Mexico

Size- Approx 4 x 2.5cm


*Prehnite will help you achieve the things that your heart most desires. Linking your heart to the divine mind and your will power.  It makes sure you are always prepared and strengthens the gift of prophecy.

*It helps you to connect to elemental beings

*Relives worry, bringing feelings of joy and peace.

*Enhances psychic gifts and connects you to your spirit, especially arch angel Raphael.

*Good for meditations it calms the mind and seal’s the auric field, making it very protecting. Regular meditation with it helps develop your intuition especially clairsentience.

*Very strong grounding stones, grounding excess energy down through your earth star chakra to Gaia.


  • This crystal can be cleansed in anyway.


    Crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used in place of medication or a course of treatment from a doctor.