This collection of 6 crystals raw and polished has been curated for any mother to be, to support and comfort during pregnancy, child birth and the first few months. It includes what I consider some of the must have crystals to work with;


*Raw Rose quartz- The ultimate loving tool, bringing in a soft nurturing loving energy to you and your baby. It teaches your heart to accept more love, it stabilises and protects it.


*Raw Amethyst- A gentle protector- which is perfect for a pregnant lady or new mum, soft energy is needed. It calms the mind, helping you release pre birth worries and post baby blues. Its great for your bedroom as the raw bed direct's energy in all directions.


*Unakite-Helps you feel un conditional love and support, helps expectant mothers establish a good healthy relationship with their un born child and it's said to aid a healthy pregnancy and delivery. A wonderful stone for midwives and doulas.

*Moonstone- A deeply feminine stone of empowerment, will ease any birth nerves and nurture you through your birthing journey. Helps to balance out emotions in the run up to and after the birth. It has alos been said to help lactation.

*Green Aventurine- It is saud that holding this stone reduces morning sickness and heartburn/indigestion. A lucky stone that brings and abundance of joy and happiness into your life. It gently re-energises you, it will also gently protect you and
your babies energy. Most importantly (for me anyway) it helps remove baby brain!

*Malachite- Resonates with the female reproductive organs, called the midwives stones it is said to ease cramps and labour pain.


Crystal information cards, a crystal meditation and layout, and some notes on how best to use these stones to get the most out of them.

Mother to be gift box

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  • The crystals will be approximatly-


    Rose quartz- 6cm in length

    Amethyst- 7cm in length

    Tumble stones- 2.4-3cms


    The rose quartz and amethyst can be cleansed any way you feel is best, be aware that if you charge amethyst in the sun too much it will loose its colour.



    *Crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of any medicine or course of treatment*