Origin- Madagascar

Chakra alignment- Solar Plexus and base,

Approx Size- 3cm x 1.5cm

**I will hold your name in my heart andselect for you**


I really love these  pieces from Madagascar they are a really deep colour with such a depth of energy, a reall wise grandfather energy, This is for anchoring so much light through and into your space and intentions.  It is a twin formation here to help you build stronger relationships with yourself and your partner and those around you


*This is natural Citrine, this polished point is a powerful tool to manifest intention in a grid, it would also set intention and focus on an altar.

*Attracts prosperity, joy and luck.

*Known as an abundance stone.

*Sunshine energy that can give you a confidence boost.

*Stimulates, motivation, courage and leadership.

*It radiates with the yellow ray of light connecting and aligning your Solar plexus.

Natural Citrine Polished point- small

  • This is a hardwaring stone that can take any form of cleansing. 

    Be aware of the point of the tower, handle it carfully so it does not chip.

    **Crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of medicine or treatment.**