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Origin- Hubei china.

Braclet- is made with elastic, one size fits all.

Size of beads- Small 2mms


Ancestral medicine, grounding, unifying, peace, balance.

Turquoise is a stone of the Ancestors, a gracious grandfather energy dedicated to the earth, this is a big part of its mission here, to reconnect you fully to the earth, its energy comes through with commitment to serving you, with unwavering loyalty. Its energy is very clear, straight to the point and focussed.  A stone of the Ancients as they understood the importance of staying intune with nature's ebbs and flows. It’s perhaps one of the oldest in history, its longevity shows its unwavering strength, it passes on the feeling that you can weather any storm when you stay balanced in heart and mind.


*It is a talisman of shamans and warriors, the shamans and medicine people understood its resolve to restore peace and a balance on the earth and they honoured its wisdom and connection. A ceremonial stone that connects us to the great spirit of the Sky.  The warriors of this earth past and present felt this stone was one of protection.


The medicine of this stone is about connecting to your roots and ancestry, It is calling you to look to your ancestors for what you need and find the lessons learnt over time. Call the energy of your ancestors close with this card, they have stories to tell


It's a stone of unification, wishing to help you unify energies, beliefs, and patterns within you, to bring completion.  Turquoise will unite earth and sky, male and female energies, bringing together the elements within you in harmony.  


It is known as a stone of male power, in many circles, due to its grandfather vibration,  holding the energies of the sun, and sacred fires, courage, strength, action, and leadership.  But its message is to bring a balance to the masculine feminine within and around us. One cannot rise without the other in unity.


Natural Hubei Turquoise Bracelet.

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