Chakra-Sacral and Solar Plexus

Origin- Mexico


-Laughing Buddah Energy



These Orange Clacite Dragons, tell me that they are connected to the element of Air,  and blowing out the old to clear room for the new, whilst cleansing they will bring you naturally into the flow of the universe, brining a more abundant mindset.  it repeats over and over to me


'You ARE deserving'


And they will build and strengthen this confidence in your abilities and gifts.


Working with an air dragon-

Once you have connected with your stone, I feel who ever buys a dragon your called by them, so there is an element of connection already.  To wokr with him/her, place their nose to the part of you you wish to work on clearing and ask them to breath cleansing air into your light body through all layers. And imagine just that, they are blowing cool refreshing air through your front to back.


After they have done that invoke the 2nd ray of illumination (see my blog post) and re energise and strengthen with this ray as it will beam down from the heavens to saturate and fill every cell.



Orange calcite likes to hold space for happiness, I have a piece in most of my rooms, somewhere I can see it- that’s important, so that each time I catch its eye I'm reminded of a jolly laugh and it lifts my mood, energy and the energy of the space instantly. It also boosts my motivation and energy levels when I'm feeling lethargic, so you could say this stone would be great in a place where you do yoga or exercise.


*Orange Calcite is like a little ball of sunshine energy, and it does just that, energizes, refreshes.


*It’s such a positive influence on all aspect of the body, spirit, emotional and physical.


*It sparks creativity and sexuality.


*It absorbs any problems that may be standing in your way, holding you back from your best potential.


*Helps motivate you, brining divine ideas.


*It’s good for depression and phobias.


*It heals sorrow and grief.



Orange Calcite Dragons

  • You can cleanse this crystal in any way.


    Crystals are a great tool to aid healing but should never be used instead of medicine.

  • Width- Approx 5cm

    Height- Approx 4cm