Origin- India

Chakra alignment-Third eye,  Heart, Higher Heart and crown.

Size- 15cm x 15cm


Key words and feelings- Strength,  spiritual transformation, enhancer stone.


*A wonderful high vibrational aid to strengthen and unlock your third eye, it will send a slow pulse of calming light into your higher chakras to infuse them and align them.


*A good companion for lucid dreaming, so much so it can be very intense, so do be aware when keeping it in the bedroom. 


*It is an enhancer stone- bringing extreme vividness and sharpened memory of your night inter-dimensional travels.


*Its a strong Auric cleaner, powerful cleansing and self healing tool, as with all your work be in your heart first, and come from the heart with pure intention, as much as it works in an efficient way on the higher chakras it also unlocks the heart, finding buried pain affecting you from within.  Work with it at the end of the day on your third eye to bring order and a refresh to your system.


*It tells me that at this time it is taking on the role of a transmitter stone, it can bridge the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, allowing for information downloads from the soul star chakra.


*Scolecite is one of the high vibration crystals, and is a strong stone to aid communication, especially with spirit. It is a stone that awakens the heart as it has a strong resonance within the chakras from the heart up.


*This stone facilitates deep spiritual transformation.


*It encourages your intuition and is a great tool for scrying.


*It reduces stress, anxiety and fears, helping to release negative thoughts and any mental blocks.


*Having very strong pure links to the spiritual realm, used for journeying and vision work. It will ground you in your body after and higher vibrational work.


*Wonderful stone for Reiki practices, as it take’s the client into a deeper state of relaxation and helps them be more receptive.


Green Apophyllite

Green Apophyllite cleanses and balances the Heart Chakra.

* It can bring clarity to decisions and situations of the heart by allowing you to see all sides of the issue, with no fear or ego.

*It assists in the "letting go" of issues

*My favorite stone for cleansing and purifying, placing a piece of apophyllite on an area of your body will draw out toxins and cleanse your energy field.

*It’s such a clean, pure, at times cold feeling energy. It’s addictive.*It enhances intuition, making your sense sharper and clearer. It’s a great tool to stimulate your metaphysical abilities.

*Magically, if you place this stone in a room to dispel negative energy, it will surround you all with uplifting vibrations of love, peace and happiness.

*it conducts energies and vibrations, transferring them and balancing you out.

* a good stone for meditation it focuses the mind

*Physically it’s connected to the lungs so good for any conditions there, asthma or any breathing problems.



Part Polished Large Scolecite with Green apophyllite

  • This is a stone you can cleanse in any of the normal ways, its dense and hardwaring.


    *Crystals are an aid to healing they should never be used instead of medicine or medical treatment*