Charkrah alignment- Heart and crown

Aprox size. - 5cm Diameter


** Colours vary - I will hold your name in my heart and the right Crystal will choose you**


Peach Moonstone supports the heart, stimulating the mind, soothing worry or anxiety, she can bring out the best in people.


*Her loving energy provides an emotional support for intuitive or sensitive children.


*This stone Enhances female energies, sensitivity, intuition.


*Aids personal growth, uncovering parts of ourselves that we know least about.


*Takes you deep inside yourself to parts that have been left behind or are missing to retrieve them into the light.


*Balances women’s hormones in line with the lunar cycle.


*It opens up the heart to accept more love


*It carries the energies of the new moon at the height of its power, stimulating psychic and dream work.


*It activates Kundalini energy In women and gives emotional balance to men, can also help children chase away nightmares or insomnia.

Peach Moonstone Palm Stone

  • This crystal is hardwearing and can be cleansed in any way.


    Approx Size-5.5cm x 4cm


    Crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of medicine or treatment.