Pearlescent Mother Flame Practitioner bowl with Venus light language portal etching and Custom Padded Case.



  • 8inch Handle Crystal singing bowl.
  • 8inch Navy blue fabric carrier case. 
  • Branded suede mallet.

A powerful bowl that assists healing in such a graceful way, when I blessed this bowl, Mother Mary showed her presence by surrounding  this bowl with white lilies.  It will help you resurrect the parts of yourself that need to be held and loved, she will bring an opening of heart clearing as well as connecting you in a conscious way with the mother flame at the base of your spine. This is the pearlescent flame that symbolizes the divine mother energies rising up your spine, the shakti energy nestles at the base within your sacral chakra. 

 She is the ever-loving ever nurturing energy that wishes to bring wisdom and surrendering, peace and understanding.  She wishes to quick your heart healing, connecting in with your hearts flame, you see in the photo the soft pink, blue and yellow rays working through her showing us the pure white fire of the ascension current.


She will unlock your inner power and accelerate cellular regeneration and crystalline restructuring within your light body. 


She will be a wonderful addition to any womb healing and inner child work as she is not too fiery but compassionate and forgiving, she will hold you so well, she is a beautiful space holder, that will help realizations and awakenings, but not do too much that it may feel overwhelming.



The light language design is connected to Venus, it is a Venus portal of light,  connecting you deeper to the cosmic heart.

When created it was over-lit and imbued with the energy Aurora guardians of the 7th heavens, they are units of consciousness of a very high frequency who step down through the Andromedan Stargate.  These energies just add to the story that is created when this bowl is struck and played, the bowl becomes a conductor of the current just like you do and many energies step through when you play it to assist healing.


  • It is tuned to 432Hz- which is said to be the natural frequency of the universe, weaving and connecting cosmic healing powers.
  • 8 inch frosted quartz crystal bowl , tuned to a D note.
  • 3rd Octave sound.


Key Qualities and energies it provides

  • She offers the keys of light for unlocking your powers,  cellular restructuring and crystalline DNA activations
  • A gentle shakti activator for womb healing.
  • Mother Mary energies and healing, bringing in deep compassion and a connection to the cosmic heart healing energies of Venus.


This bowl is unique, no other bowls are in existence that combine light language portals to focus and pin point higher frequencies and the rays and flames through.


Sound itself creates portals for healing, combining these divine codes and the energetic attunements from Venus and blessings these bowls have received, it takes their reach to new levels. The etched portal takes you deeper into connecting with the universal heart of all, opening you up to purest frequencies of love that already resides within you, expanding, clearing and aligning  to the cosmic heart. Bringing you closer to your heart and helping you journey deeper.




Pearlescent Mother Flame Practitioner Singing bowl

  • Sining bowl total length- 39cm

    Carrier case- 41cm x 27cm