Chakra- Higher heart and heart

Size-29cm x 27cm depth-2cm


I first came across this crystal at the Tucson Gem show in Arizona in 2020 when it was discovered, each piece islike a work of art with crystalized flowers witin it, crystalized druzy caves and inclusions of golden healer. THis piececomes with a blackmetal stand, it is a  stunning piece for the home or any alter and healing space, as well as making a wunderful surface to display crystals andcrystal grids on


A little about Pink Amethyst- or Rose Amethyst as it is sometimes called.


they were a new find from Pategonia, Argentina that at the time was rare but now more pockets have been found , so many geodes were uncovered and I feel them come with such an important message- the fact they were found at this time. They are really about imparting so much heart wisdom. Its energy feels like high vibrational heart medicine linking to Archangel Uriel's energy, he is very much with this stone- I believe the angelic kingdom had a hand in uncovering them. 


 Uriel is known as the angel of wisdom and shines a light on your truth- what could be more perfect in these fast paced times, this ascension- he calls us to shine a light on our truth and move forward in it. He is also associated with the colour red- which is another link to me as this amethysts ranges in a very deep reddy pink to more watery pale shades of pink. I feel this stone is here to help us light the way and let go of destructive relationships we may hold in our heart- towards yourself/others and in fact on a broader scale collectively around the world. 


It’s a stone of peace and will link you up to your soul star chakra which is going through an upgrade now. It also wishes to work alongside the rainbow ray and has an elemental spark to its joyous energy.


It brings the message that the heart needs focus. We need to go inwards, our hearts are really being shaken up, it’s like mother earth is asking us to blow out the cobwebs and wake up to certain realities and outdated systems around us. She is a connector to the angelic and elemental kingdoms around us, stepping up to offer connection to a new crystalline influx of new earth energy through the earth grids to bring a deeper understanding of the earth’s role, her energies and networks of grids within. She brings a specific awareness for all sentient beings, animals, plants and other crystals, and perspective to our life and current situations. A stone for awakening, here to help us let go of the destructive relationships we hold in our hearts, with ourselves, others and the earth. It’s perfect for now.Her energy is powerful but gentle, She’s an activating crystal, opening chakras instantly when brought close to them. I placed her next to my body, and I felt static waves open my palms, feet, crown and heart instantly, this stone can access the deepest layer within you. The parts you may have found hard to open up, layers through the heart, she brings the opportunity to focus on, and pinpoint lower vibrations to release. She is a true gift from the earth, asking us to wake up and listen to our hearts, as our heart beats to the same drum.


Pink Amethyst and Agate slice- Large