Origin- Mexico

Chakra alignment- heart, third eye and crown.


*A beautiful stone to teach you how to be more compassionate with yourself, how to love yourself more and to bring joy into your heart


*The cleansing clear nature of fluorite brings such clarity in your heart and mind to help you through sticky situations of the heart.


*She works on the emotional body for gentle release and teaches you how to let go.


*A good stone to bring into your gratefulness practice, hold her to your heart and ask her to fill you with pink rays of light.


*Helps you see distructive behaviour patterns within you, and makes room to help you gently release them


*Increases intuition, confidence and strength.


*A great tool for empathy, to help others around you feel empathy and to help you create boundaries for your epathy.


*Brings calness and relaxation in your energy body, absorbing tension and anxieties.


*Is a protector stone, wards off anything negative around you trying to manipulate you.

Pink Fluorite- Palm stone

  • Approx size- 4.5x5cm


    Crystals are an aid to healing and should never be used instead of medicine.