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Origin- Himalayan mountain range- India

Chakra- heart, higher heart, crown.

Size- 17cm x 10cm


This piece sings so sweetly, covered in so much sparkly frosted quartz and caves that swirl and hold energies to move with. It  holds a focussed ray of pink energy, the ray of divine love,  its very balanced and thats something it wishes to assist you with, finding balance through your heart.


This stone comes from the Himalayans is a powerful spiritual site and many cultures have pilgrimaged there for centuries to offer prays and to sit in meditation, hoping to quiet their mind and be at one with the universe. It is this energy that is felt through the stones; calm, clarity, elevation, peace, that the crystals have absorbed, enhanced and held through the land. The peace that many have found on their pilgrimage to connect with the mountain and her crystalline grids. They hold the 'yang' energies of the mountains within them, as they are found at the highest points of this magnificent mountain.


A deeply feminine voice whispering you to surrender to her all you hold, as a small bird lets go and flies for the first time, that is the visual she gives me, she says you are that bird fledging the nest, you are ready to jump into all the adventure that awaits you and she is the mother wanting to hold you.


It speaks of healing the mother line through your soul group, its here to hold space in group healing situations and on a 1-1 basis.


When you place this piece close to you there is this wave of calm and peace that washes over you.


It will help you go within your heart faster, calming the mind to allow you to drop into your heart at a very fast rate, a perfect stone for meditation. An excellent companions by your bedside or in your meditation/yoga space, as they really help you drift off to sleep faster.


She is gentle and graceful, reminding you of the softness, ease and grace you can transition to a higher state of 'BEing' in.  Life is only as hard as we make it, we must greet challenges as opportunity and blessings to grow, Her message is one of really nurturing your heart to help you switch from victim mentality, and ego to love and trust.


*She integrates energy to bring your body back into harmony through the mental, emotional and physical field.


She is a 'stabilizer' of emotions, grief and loss and helps you press pause, so you can release all the hyper sensitivity of this time and flip the switch to deeply receive.  She shows me how she can help identify the 'push and pull' energies around you, the energies that are testing and depleting you. To help you flow through this great time of transition for the collective and your own personal healing.


Pink Himalayan Quartz- family cluster.

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