Country of Origin- Madagascar

Chakra- The heart and crown especially, All.

Size-4.5cm x 4.5cm


As soon as I set eyes on these they sparkled and winked at me, and called so strongly to the heart.   Such a 'maiden' energy, young and full of life. You must take the time to gaze at her, you will find yourself getting lost within her energies that spiral like the milky way.  A thousand stars at night calling you home to your stella origins. Full of sparkly rainbows dancing around, it feels like the whole world within her connecting you to the cosmic mother within you. And its energy is so elemental, so fae.


**I will hold your name in my heart and ask the stones which is for you, one will jump into my hands playfully, each one has rainbows and such a character*


At last an understanding, we see our place, our unique purpose and place in this world, this reality.  Your tailisman of peace and prosperity.


Its a stone of joy, helping you tune into the wonders of this world, the hidden energy currents moving around your space.   She opnes your eyes fully, she lifts veils around you inquisitivly.  


Her energy sings and dances, she is a stone of creativity, inspiring you to move with your elemental creative flow, instantly connecting you the the fae and the rainbow ray.  We can alwasy find a home with the elementals, they keep us grounded in a light and happy way, they reflect love at us so that we can face anything with a courageous heart, this stone comes to you with a new faery guide.   They are all lining up, perched on each stone, come to bring magic and a boost of creative expression to your life.  


With this stone by your side you realise that anythign is possible.


*Optical calcite is known as the 'Stone of the mind'- as it helps to focus thoughts and bring such clarity, improving memory and learning abilities.  It connects the emotions to the intellect, therefore creating emotional intelligence. Making it a great stone for students.

* It's a great all round chakra cleanser and activator, working with all energy centre's to improve the flow.


*It brings motivation and combats laziness- indeed the fae would not let you be lazy, there is alwasy something to do and somewhere to explore.


*It eases emotional stress and replaces it with peace and serenity

*It shows us a new way of looking at situations so that we can get rid of past blocks, easing us away of old thought patterns so that we may realize our potential.

* It clears away negative energy and amplifies positive vibrations, breaking negative thought patterns and bringing in more optimism and positivity.

* It's a great stone to meditate with, it helps your perception of the physical world and higher self, aiding in manifestation and amplifying intent.

*By just placing it in a room it will increase the household's energy levels and removes stagnant energy, likewise if you placed this stone on or around your body.  

*It's an amplifier like quartz so it is good for use in distant healings as it will amplify your energy.

*It can fill your aura with light and clear any unwanted spirt attachments or entities.

*Physically it strengthens bones and joints, It reduces intestinal and skin conditions enabling them to heal. It also increases the bodies blood clotting ability and tissue healing. Fortifying the immune system and also helping migraines or tension headaches.

Silver Optical Calcite Sphere

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    Crystals are an aid to healing, they should never replace any medicine or course of treatment that a doctor has prescribed.