Origin of Crystal- Madagascar

Chakra- Third eye


I have selected these pieces from Uruguay that have such a depth of colour and energy that pulled me in, it was the intensity of the violet flame felt through it. Amethyst holds the frequency of the violet flame, which is the most potent ray and tool to transmute misqualified and lower vibrational energy, having it in your space and around you will absorb and reuse these energies in a positive way. 


Amethyst has been surging through the grids recently to be known and felt, it is important at this time that we work with its energy to clear ourselves, but also the land and earth beneath us. Placing it on the ground and visualizing its violet ray cutting through the earth, moving through layers.


*This stone magnifies the energy of other stones and offers good all round protection, its a good energy to have in the bedroom as its grounding and gentle and will not effect your sleep. 

*Can balance all levels of your auric field, your emotional, mental and physical body.

*She is good for decision making, buissness sucess, wealth and moving forward in life.

*Works on the emotional body to help with; obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), calms any anger you might hold, grief and nerves.

*Enhances your Aura and self esteem, calm's the mind for meditation and spirit contact.

*Physically it is good for hormone balance, detoxing, hearing, insomnia, viral infections, the bones, heart and stomach.  Also easing the hold of addictions.

Polished Amethyst point

  • Amethyst in this form is very hard wearing and solid, just be careful not to drop it on its point.

    Polished Points are good for focusing energy in rooms, for crystal grids and placed around the home especially on Altars.

  • The Price is based on their weight, their size is an approximate;

    Small- 3cm x 3cm

    medium- 4.5cm x 4cm