Origin- Presil Mountains Wales, UK

Chakra Alignment- Heart, Base.

Approx size- 4.5cm x 4cm


-Access to Merlins inner earth realms.


Preseli bluestone, which is the same type of material used to make the inner horseshoe of stonehenge. So here we have a gateway stone, close to the earth and her inner kingdoms, acting as a translator for this energy, a wonderful earth healing stone to place on the earth to assist clearing of the energy of your land and space.


It has a Electromagnetic charge-that anchor's you to the core of the earth, and is a stone that is full of primordial and ancient energy come to teach you about the old ways, the ways of your ancestors, helping you link in with lives you may have had of Celtic origin, and lives in Ancient Egypt.


This stone wishes to help you to connect you with the work you are doing within the earth, it will help you discover abilities in Dowsing and Geomancy.  To draw your attention to the work you are assisting on the ley lines and energy points, within crystal caverns and sacred sites, a lot of this work is done unconsciously but it is now time to be known.


I call it a ‘Dragon stone’ as it calls them in, and brings them close so you can work with their elemental power for healing.


It is here to work with opeing your heart to the magic within the earth and your gifts linked to the plant and alchemy realm.

Presili Bluestone