Danburite- Love and Spiritual Growth.

Origin- Charcas Mexico

Chakra alignment- Heart/higher heart/crown and higher chakras



This piece really intrigued me, her energy is big for such a small stone, shes singing at a really high vibration, to help bring your heart into harmony through all tests and initiations. Her rainbow was another reason as to why she is with me, it is hughe and right at the tip and really jumps out at you, the photos do not do it justice.   She wants to work as a wand, she wants to focus rainbow light through her tip into the light body.  And boy does she have ALOT to offer, shes brimming with enthusiasm and encouragment, shes ready to facilitate some healing with the rainbow ray.


 She is a very powerful heart stone and thymus (Higher heart)- symbolising pure love and peace.  Helping you release emotional pain and to understand the bigger picture.  Very much a stone of spiritual enlightenment, she clears and open's your crown chakra, maintaining the link to your heart but also reaching her light up high.  Stimulating your intellect and higher consciousness to the highest transpersonal chakras up to the 14th layer. 


She will help you shed layers and out dated belief systems just by expanding and working on these higher chakra gateways.


She can help you let go of past Karmic created patters or conditions that you brought with you in this life and help you move forward.  Really connecting with you Soul star chakra, helping to create flow and download information that will help you understand your souls purpose.

For this reason she is a good talisman for inter-dimensional travel.


A powerful meditation stone to connect you to your higher self and most importantly guides and angels. Its vibrations are very simillar to the angels, and it will bring their vibrations of peace and love down into your heart.  If you have a piece and ask it to connect you to your guardian angel it will, so that you can build your relationship and channel information from her.  Its a great stone teamed with Celestite.

Pink Danburite

  • Danburite can be cleansed using any method. it is a hard wearing stone.