Chakras- Crown and root chakra.
Origin- Madagascar

*I will hold your name in my heart and choose you one**


A yin and yang stone, carrying the energies of the masculine (black tourmaline) and feminine (cloudy quartz) in balance, reflecting that sentiment of balance at you, so that you may reach it within.  At this time it is so important to keep the masculine and feminine in balance within us.  It is a subtle dance that needs focus and this stone wants to help you here.  The quartz softens the tourmaline's energies and gives it a lovely gentle grounding and protecting focus.


 It will unblock any chakras you ask it to too,  as I sit here gazing at it, its particulary focusing on giving my inner ear a good clear out.  Its telling me that its picking up on the higher virbations moving through me and grounding them down through me to the earth.   

Here are some notes on its properties-
*Great for clarity and insight
*A great healers go to stone for power and intuition
*It’s very energising and extremely grounding of higher frequencies.
*Black Tourmaline is an exceptionally good protector, it protect's your spirit self if carried around and your home, in the area of wherever they are placed. Keeping negativity energy and psychic vampires away from you.
*It protect's you from electromagnetic stress
*Will help unlock any energy blockages in your aura or home.
*It is thought that if you rub it, it brings you luck and happiness.


Quartz with Black Tourmaline tower

  • Quartz is a very heard waring stone and can be cleansed any way you feel is best for it.


    Crystals are a great tool to aid healing but should never be used instead of medicine

  • Approx size- 7cm x 2cm