Chakra alignment- Heart and Crown

Origin- Mexico

Size- Approx- 5.5 x 3cm



Stimulates the mind, Focus, balance, 


These pieces are a JOY, they are so lively they jump out of my hands regulary, a juicy, activating energy for bringing focus to the heart.


*Fluorite comes in many colours and is known as the “Genius Stone,” it represents the highest state of mental achievement, boosting brain function,  and discernment.


*Fluorite is my favourite focus stone, it cools your energy body down (so good for those fiery types), especially at the crown, helping to create new energetic pathways for energy through the brain/head to help bring clarity to situations.  It increases concentration, and brings balance to your mind, body and spirit.


*It's a huge support to the mind,  helping you to absorb information faster means it is a great stone for anyone studying or who gets easily distracted.


*It will pull your energy back to you, any instances where you feel drained this stone will help you call back all the energy that people may have taken consciously or unconsciously. It also helps to remove cords and to shield against psychic attack.


*Rainbow Fluorite, is made up of many tones from purple, green and blue,  it alwasy looks so special when held up to the light.  It's perfect for overall cleansing and repairing your aura, and for activating and energizing all of your chakras.


It bring's a energetic charge to the body and on the mental level to the brain cells, drawing more life force energy and stimulating both sides of the body to work in harmony together in balance.


It calm a worried mind encouraging you to know your freedom of choice and  flexibility.  It connects and aligns the mind (crown) to throat,