Origin- India

Size- 2cm x 3cm approx.


I will hold your name in my heart and choose one for you*


Theres something about the raw energy of this stone, she really does energetically link you to the divine comsic mother of all through the heart,  she wishes to strip back the layers, to really help you go deeper then you ever have before.


*This stone Enhances female energies, sensitivity, intuition.

*Aiding personal growth, uncovering parts of ourselves that we know least about.

*Takes you deep inside yourself to parts that have been left behind or are missing to retrieve them into the light.

*Balances women’s hormones in line with the lunar cycle.

*It opens up the heart to accept more love

*It carries the energies of the new moon at the height of its power, stimulating psychic and dream work.

*It activates Kundalini energy In women and gives emotional balance to men, can also help children chase away nightmares or insomnia.


About the Epidote inclusion-

*Epidote is an enhancing stone, bringing amplified energy to who ever you are around and whom ever it touches. It will strengthen the connection to your guides, your higher self.

*It will break through any negative patterns within, for example depression or hopelessness. It clears energetic congestion, restoring re balance and optimism. It works to the mind to bring it into a higher alignment and vibration.

*Its an earthing stone, it will ground and bring you close to the earth to help release form your emotional body into the ground where it is transmuted.

*Its clear calming energy works to all layers of the heart and mind, establishing that clear connection, and clear noise around your crown.

Raw Rainbow Moonstone

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  • Please be aware that crystals are only to be used as an aid to healing, never instead of any medicine.