Chakra alignment- Throat and third eye

Size-5cm x 2cm


**This beautful hand carved crystal can be made into a necklace by threading some string or chain through her arms.**


The goddess is a  celebrated symbol across the world, The Goddess embodies not only a deity but the root of all feminine energies and ideals. These are such a special pieces for anyone who works with the goddess and divine feminine, it embodies the qualities of 'she'


‘The stone of communication’


*Even though many books and sites list this stone for your throat- (due to its colour vibration), I really feel thos collection of agates really wish to work on your heart too, they resonate with the heart chakra strongly, strengthening it and raising emotional hurt to the surface gently in waves. connecting heart to throat , to aid heart felt communication.


*This stone promotes a sense of calm, just looking at it, the circular flowing waves running through it will calm the mind’s eye and uplift.  It’s a good stone to hold and focus on in meditation.


*It promotes heartfelt, truthful communication, good for people who do a lot of public speaking, teachers and lecturers.


*It strengthens the communication between yourself and your spirit guides.

*Helps ease deep negative emotions.

Blue Lace Agate Carved goddess Pendent

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  • Please be careful when handling this stone it is delicate.

    You can cleanse this crystal in any way.

    Crystals are a great tool to aid healing but should never be used instead of medicine.