Chakra- Throat and heart

**I will hold your name in my heart and choose one for you**

Approx size- 4cm x 5c, depth- 2cm


Stone of- Forgivness/detoxifying/joy and truth.


this stone has come from a Mine in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil,  it is raw, starght from the ground, un polished and held by very few people which keeps it in the pure state.


I was instantly drawn in by its cooling, minty fresh energy ( feels like toothpaste) that was so vibrant and addictive, i cant stop holding my piece. It sits by my bed after a long day I come home to its calming energy as i allwo it to unfold me and soothe my nerves.


Its energy will gently nudge you, and prod you into focus and awareness of the underlying issues or problems in your relastion ship with yourself and others. So that you can bring forgivness, or 'cleanse with forgivness' so the stone says.


These pieces wish to support the nervous system and to release toxins and static impulses held there.  It basically wants to promote a deep state of calm and reset.  Which at this time in earths history with everything going on is much needed.  Place it on your heart holding the intent to wash its rays through your nervous system, observing it happening from top to bottom, observing not attaching, moving with its flow.


*It helps to align to the green ray of healing, and the vibration of truth, it is a heart energy to bring such calm to the heart, it helps you attract new love, abundance and prosperity.


*She promotes joy and happiness, helping you get to the core of any anxiety or depression.


*As much as it's for the heart, I really feel these pieces wish to help the throat too, as a clearing stone, to bring renewed energy to that energy center,  it’s speaking about patience and helping you work with surrendering to divine timing.  A stone to help you soften into the feminien flow around you.






Raw Chrysoprase- medium