Chakra- Heart, Base
Origin- Congo, Africa

Size- 6.5cm x 5cm depth-3cm.


*This crystal is a raw burst of power, it connects you to divine love, and the realization of unconditional love in all. I call it my heart super charger as its energy feels static to me, It will spark a very deep wake up within you. If you have been dragging your heels on this path, or feel uninspired this is for you.


*Its raw earthy energy is electric, only a small piece is needed to align heavens and earth within your heart, activating your divine spark, it is the divine mothers love in a stone. Its energy has stepped up recently to work along side the third eye and heart to connect them in harmony, to remove fear in the third eye and help you be of great service with your gifts.

*The stone of universal love, it holds you in your quest for self love, and brings such strength, unwavering strength and conviction to matters of the heart.  It will really ground down emotions from the heart through the emotional layer and enable you to dig deep within a bubble of protective energies.

*It helps you deal with the fine balance of life in a graceful loving way, in a loving sense; it balances love and the heart on all levels. It allows a fuller love to enter your life, by calming excessive passions and balancing the emotional and mental side.
*It elevates the mind to a higher plane during energy work and meditation.
* It helps ease issues caused by past lives, helping to resolve them.
*Brings a relief from ongoing stress.
* It is considered good for the digestion, the heart, the kidneys, spleen, pancreas, the pulse rate, the thyroid and Stress related issues. It transforms the illness by transforming the energy of the illness with a balanced love of self.

Raw Cobaltoan Calcite