Chakra- Heart and crown

Origin- Peru.


I have 4 of these avaliabel all simillar in energy, colour and look, mined from fthe same pocket.


These hand carved spheres are the most angelic and gentle rhodinite I have ever held, so heart opening, supporting the energy of unfolding.

*Its a  stone of love and importantly- forgivness, it helps your release fear and surrender to more compassion in your life.

*It releases blocked energy within the heart, helping to open and circulate divine loving vibrations form heart to crown, and vise versa.

*A sphere helps radiate energy in all directions great, this piece is great for radiating calming, loving energy in a room, its particulary good for the bedroom or healing space.


*It helps you deal with the fine balance of life in a graceful loving way, in a loving sense; it balances love and the heart on all levels. It allows a fuller love to enter your life, by calming excessive passions and balancing the emotional and mental side.


* its calming and soothing vibration will brings a relief from ongoing stress.


* It is considered good for the digestion, the heart, the kidneys, spleen, pancreas, the pulse rate, the thyroid and Stress related issues. It transforms the illness by transforming the energy of the illness with a balanced love of self.

Rhodonite sphere

  • You can cleanse these in which ever way you wish.


    Crystals are a great tool to aid healing but should never be used instead of medicine.

  • Height- 4cm

    Width- 4cm