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Origin- lapidated and made in India.

Braclet- is made with elastic, one size fits all.

Size of beads- Small 2mms


Cleansing and stimulating the heart, bringing forward your divine template, rooting heart to earth.


I have this super coloured Rhodonite bracelests,  I chose for their incredible deep pink colour, rhodonite usually has a lot of black and brown in it, I just love the clarity of this ones energy. 


Its a feminine vibration that  will move its pink ray over you into your heart where it cleanses, stimulates and activates you to your divine potential. Rooting your energy from heart to root to earth.


It speaks of 'purity' and how it can help you uncover deeper chambers of your heart to feel your pure essence, your truth and your divine blueprints.  I gtet a real sense that this stone wants to dig deep into your hidden emotions.


Speaking of emptions It's a really wonderful stone to balance them, and to keep them and you grounded. It absorb's panic, shock and fear.


It helps you believe in yourself, increasing self esteem and self worth, it will also help you uncover hidden talents,  a promotor of love in all its forms, it will help you love and appreciate your gifts.


It has a great grounding effect thats really can assist ground your spiritual practice. 

*Its a  stone of love and  forgivness, it helps your release fear and surrender to more compassion in your life.

*It releases blocked energy within the heart, helping to open and circulate divine loving vibrations there.


*It helps you deal with the fine balance of life in a graceful loving way, in a loving sense,  It allows a balanced love to enter your life, by calming excessive passions and balancing the emotional and mental side.


* It is considered good for assisting the liver to detox, supporting digestion, the heart, the kidneys, spleen, pancreas, the pulse rate, the thyroid and stress related issues. It transforms the illness by transforming the energy of the illness with a balanced love of self.



Rhodochrosite Bracelet - 2mm

  • Be aware of how forceful you are with the elastic, it may snap if put under much force.

    Crystals are an aid to healing the mind body and spirit, do not use instead of any medication or doctors advice.

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