I put this crystal set together to help people ground and protect their energies, they are all stones that I work with to do this job- they are all portecting stones,  Whats important to me, is giving you the exercises to use with them, the energetic cord cutting visulisations.  This set will help you create boundaries with people and situations that may be draining you.  They protect your energy body, house and land from anything of a lower vibration transmuting it into something good.  


The set includes-

*A sustainably sourced Palo santo stick from Peru for cleansing.

*5 crystals; Labradorite, selenite, black tourmaline, black kyanite and smokey quartz. Sizes my vary from photgraph.

*Crystal informarion cards for each stone

*Guidance on how to cut cords with these crytals and create boundaries.

*Crystal care information sheet.


here are some of my favourite uses for the crystals in this Protection set-


Black Kynatie. 

My psychic scalpol, I use it take out any hooks that other may have attached.  It is the more intense enrgy of the box but very much needed.  You can comb it over your aura to remove hooks or place it on your body and feel its slightly magnetic energy working through you.


Smokey quartz

A beautiful light energy, wonderful to absorb and transmute worries or anxiety, gounding them down through you, its a great stone to have on a bedside table, ask it to take away the worries from the day.



My number one psycich protector as it shields but still lets you feel, it opens you third eye when placed there. Helping you attune to and develop your gits, as it open up pathways through your higher chakras.  A true wise woman energy, helping you find the wise woman within.


Black tourmaline

The un shakable grounder and protector, its energy is heavier than the spoke quartz it much more earthier and bring your airy self straigh back down.  It holds up a black shield around you to now let anything in, lower vibrations, vibrations from the land, electrical devices etc.




This is my angelic lighter protecting energy, the feminine amongst all the masculine energies to balace the set out.  A protector of divne light in its own right, it will project light around you, holding you in it, connecting you the the angels.  Its also an excellet cleansing stone for you and when around other crystals it cleanses them too.  a very clear pure energy.  Wonderful to stroking over your aura from top to bottom to take out cords.






Rituals &Crystals set

  • All crystals come to you cleansed and attuned, you can cleanse the stones anyway you wish, all except selenite which doesn not like water.

    Sizes of the crystals will vary slightly for each set.

    Crystals should be used for an aid to healing and not relplace any treatment or medicine from a doctor.