Chakra-Heart and higher heart

Approx size- 2cm x 3cm


*A deeply feminine energy with a beauty about it that begs to be gazed upon during meditation, this stone will take you deep inside your heart.


*It massages the heart  in gentle waves to allow it to open


It is known as the “stone of spiritual awakening” the natural pink opal is a mixture of opal and chalcedony that bring hopefulness, optimism and joy.


This crystal represents sweet feminine energy, the energy of the divine mother and crone, to help ease the process of change.


It is a stone of renewal, and growth, here to suport the sacred relationship within Being and All that is.



 *Rose opal open’s and activates the heart whilst keeping us grounded.


*as a teacher of love it will work to the heart and higher heart as its vibrations shift to a higher consciousness linking the 2 together.


*She will boost your confidence to a level where we let go of our inhibitions more and relax.




*It’s a beautiful stone to work with Rose quartz.


Andean Rose Opal tumbles

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