Chakra- Crown and higher chakras.

Origin- Brazil


*Theres something very special about this quartz point, its energy is particulary 'woke'  and its burst of light shoot out the base and into the body refreshing it.  Its self healed at the base- which means it continued to grow as it was taken out fot he ground and its matrix. You can see all the tiny growth formations in the light. Its linked to the celestial realms and really is a tool for personal growth, as it has continue to grow it encourages you to do the same, to grow, develop and evolve deeply on your spiritual path.

*It comes to its guardian as a teacher stone, a mighty opener of energies and portals for healing the body, others and the land.


*Quartz is a power stone and an amazing amplifier. Place it next to any crystal to amplify that stones energy and making sure you program them with intentions.

*It’s a great stone for clarity and connecting to the universe beyond yourself. *Assists you during meditation to reach higher levels of consciousness faster.

*It’s a master healer stone and so full of pure white light, I feel it cuts through any low vibrations instantly, purifying and lifting spirits and the vibrations within your aura and space.

*It is said to increase wisdom and insight.

*Good for psychic development, it holds the frequency of all colors so can be placed on any chakra for healing, It especially works well on the crown.

* Will bring an unlimited potential of growth to your spiritual path.

Quartz Generator point

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  • This crystal is hardwaring and can be cleansed any way that you wish.


    Crystals are a great tool to aid healing but should never be used instead of medicine.

  • Height-4.5 cm

    Width- 4.5cm 

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