Chakra- Heart healers

Origin-  Brazil

Size- 5cm x 4cm


These Rose skulls are here with an over lighting energy from Venus, to be a strong guide to stand by your side on your spiritual journey. Working to align you with the cosmic heart and bring in the infinite wisdom of the cosmic egg, that the universe is indeed within you.


They tell me that they will take you on a journey through your heart, to help you peel back the layers and bring the truth to light.


If you are looking for a spiritual guide this is the energy for you, it is unwavering in its love, humble in its message and focussed in its mission to open the heart.


*The stone of unconditional love- This is a firm favourite to open your heart up and help you accept the right love, but also to help you know that you are deserving of love. You are worthy enough and you are enough- in short it is a gentle empowering feminine vibration.


*A wonderful manifesting stone, she holds wishes, hopes and dreams and manifests them with you, strengthening the intention. After all, all manifesting and seeds of change start first in our heart as an emotion, feeling or wish, we must take that light from our heart (that rose quartz supports) and plant it within the ground to take form.


*Its heart activating, opening the heart to love in all of its forms.


*it has a soft gentle energy that will come over you in nurturing waves.


*She lowers stress, balances your energy and gives confidence.


*She’s a great teacher stone- she especially teaches you to be more compassionate.


Rose Quartz skull

  • Its a hardwaring stone that you can cleanse any way you wish.



    Crystals are a great tool to aid healing but should never be used instead of medicine