Chakra- Heart, Solar Plexus

Origin- Brazil


** I will hold your name to my heart and choose one for you.**


I have some juicy healthy rose quartz polished points from Brazil, with beautiful golden healer inclusions, You just need to select the weight you would like from the options.


Golden healer

*This is a stone of empowerment! - harnesses its power to help you transform your life.

*The golden color is from iron oxide growing on or below the surface of the quartz which boosts its energy in a lovely, earthy, gentle way.

*Golden healer quartz is a force to be reckoned with, a wakeup call, in a wonderful way.  It holds such an array of healing vibrations, gently unfolding you- helping you to do the work you are meant to be doing, working on a multi-dimensional level. 

*If you are drawn to it, you are ready to use it.  it can release deep hurt and emotions trapped that you may have needed help to access. *Working with the solar plexus but in fact across all chakras and all energy bodies, It’s a wonderful empowering stone, giving you that boost of self-confidence and belief in yourself, like sunshine in your pocket!

*It works to help shift old patterns and beliefs, through all energy systems, it is a calm and slow, gentle healer to invest time into working with. It will support you wholly on your healing journey.

*It releases negative pain within us- unhealthy thought patterns, past karmic pain

*Aligning with the golden ray, so you can harness the power of this light through your chakras whilst holding and working with this stone, bringing the golden ray down through your crown and into your body to settle in your solar plexus.


*Rose quartz is an excellent manifesting stone and will hold all your hopes and wishes if you ask it, it will intensify them for you and work on that intent with you, releasing it when it is ready to materialize.

*The stone of unconditional love, teaching you to love yourself, this stone has mother mary's energy around it, blue and pink light.

*Its heart activating, opening the heart to love in all of its forms. Placing this stone in a room emits loving energy in all directions.

*it has a soft gentle energy that will come over you in nurturing waves.

*lowers stress, balances your energy and gives confidence.

*Teaches you to be more compassionate.

*Good to hold when reading positive affirmations or on your heart whilst meditating.


Rose Quartz Tower with Golden Healer Inclusions

  • This crystal is hardwearing and can be cleansed any way that you wish.


    Crystals are a great tool to aid healing but should never be used instead of medicine.

  • Vary in sizes

    Approximate Height -  10 - 11cm

    Approximate Width - 4cm