Origin- Minas Gerais Region of Brazil

Chakras- Third eye, crown and lower chakras.

Size-15cm x 11cm


I fell in love with these piece's from a family mine I work directly with in Brazil, this formation is often reffered to a cathedral, and morecently has been referred to as Royal Amethyst, and it does hold a very old mystic enegry.


A frequency that wants to dig deep, its energy moves in waves to envelope you. These pieces are a connected to the flowers and when working with them show beautful blooms springing from their multiple points.


It is a library of information and ancient earth wisdom, that will open up in layers to you, this is a stone that will grow with you, it wishes to work with group conciousness and soul group healing. So will be a great stone to have in the house where the whole family can see it. 


Amethyst speaks- 


Do not underestimate yourself, or me, in my commitment to serve you and this earth. All you need are the keys to open your light body and this is where I can help you. I offer multiple light keys for ascension, theys light codes and conducted through me from the stars and the earth, I am balanced and bring that balance to your heart and third eye. I will help you fine tune your senses, so you can hear, see and feel the space between breath, between thoughts, where stillness lives and the heart heals. Let me guide you home to the heart and the space between where we can reset and refresh. 


Amethyst holds the frequency of the violet ray, the violet fires that transmute through all parts of us, all layers and systems. Ints needed now more then ever to help us move forward through this ascension and rise to a higher vibration. 


This raw point is a great tool to direct energy into your body and to help you release and clear your auric field. 


* Amethyst  is a beautiful piece to have in a space, whether its your home, alter or your yoga/meditation area. 


*It is a stone I use for protection, it absorbs negativity around you, but it also opens up your gifts and intuition. 


*Calms the mind and aids meditation. 


*It can balance all levels of your auric field, your emotional, mental and physical body. 


*it helps with decision making, buissness sucess, wealth and moving forward in life. 


*Works on the emotional body to help with; obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), calms any anger you might hold, grief and nerves.


This earth keeper holds the healing vibrations of 2 stones, amethyst and Smokey quartz, its a gentle giant of an energy that grounds and brings security within the body, it tells me it is good for anyone moving through lessens of discernment, it will help you protect and ground through frequencies with channelling, only allowing the highest vibratiosn that serve your highest good in. He is a master energy that wants to teach and serve you. This raw point is a great tool to direct energy into your body and to help you release and clear your auric field.


Royal Amethyst Earth Keeper-T

  • Amethyst can be cleansed in any way it is a hardwearing stone but will fade in the direct sunlight.

    Length- 10cm x 6cm



    Crystals are an aid to healping not a replacement to medicine.