Chakra-Crown and Third eye


Size- 7cm x 7cm


*Selenite is a communicator stone, linking you to the angelic realm and your higher self. It brings clarity, and is an excellent stone for psychic development, past life healing and clairvoyance.

*It’s the stone of divine light, and brings light to everything it touches.

*Very high vibrational it sparks inspiration, It’s pure vibrations cleanses your aura and remove blocks, cleanses the energy in the room and the energy surrounding other crystals.

*She is Linked deeply to the moon and the female ray to help enhance those feminine qualities of surrenderinga nd going with the flow.

*Selenite is brilliant for cleansing and protectecting your space. It brings in pure refreshing light to your aura and room. The sphere shape radiated energy all around the room.

*Do note that it opens your crown chakra so if you are especially sensitive, be aware where placing it. Your bed side table might not be the best place unless you want wonderful astral adventures.

*It is connected to the moon, but is also an angelic stone that aids contact with the angels, bringing you their protection.

*It is a stone that brings clarity and connection to the higher realms. Making it a key stone for psychic development, past life healing and clairvoyance.

*It removes energy blocks, from the physical and etheric bodies, but also from other crystals.

*Promotes fertility and is a good protector through child birth and motherhood.

*The stone of love. Helping to maintain a loving relationship with yourself and those around you.

Selenite Sphere - Large

  • Do not cleanse Selenite with water or salt, the moon is the best way to cleanse and recharge this stone.


    *Crystals are a great aid to healing, but should never be used instead of medicine or treatment.