Chakra-Crown and third eye



*Selenite charging plates are great for 

*Selenite is connected to the moon, but is also an angelic stone that aids contact with the angels, bringing you their protection.

*It is a stone that brings clarity and connection to the higher realms. Making it a key stone for psychic development, past life healing and clairvoyance.

*It removes energy blocks, from the physical and etheric bodies, but also from other crystals.

*It is good for clearing and protection and especially good for crystal grids.

*Promotes fertility and is a good protector through child birth and motherhood.

*The stone of love. Helping to maintain a loving relationship with yourself and those around you.

Selenite Charging Plate

  • Approx.

    Length- 19cm

    Width - 3.7cm

    Depth - 1.5cm

  • Do not cleanse Selenite with water or salt, the moon is the best way to cleanse and recharge this stone.


    *Crystals are a great aid to healing, but should never be used instead of medicine or treatment.