Origin- Morocco

Chakras- Earth star, Root, Sacral.

Size- Approx-

*Each piece is unique and differnt, with a simillar look, I will hold your name in ym heart and one will chose you*


Empowering, comsic womb portal, grounding, protective energies.


If you feel the pull to these Septaria  nodules you are in for a ride, I am so excited by their ability  to shake things up and re-ground you in higher vibrational light. A real stone to connect us to the energies of a new earth and a new way of being, born of primordial, ancient energies that have re energised to guide us individually and as a collective.


It will seating its energy in your Earth Star chakra and lower chakras, its a very shamnic stone connecting to the elemental devas of this earth, often called a Dragon stone, because it connect so deeply with the raw elemental energies (the represented within the dragons, who encourage us to look after the earth.


It is a stone of Empathy, it helps you connect deeper with others feelings which will bring and the feelings of all sentient beings on this earth which brings understanding. It’s grounding in emotional times of need, and protective. When holding this stone the dragons come close and Merlin will place his protective cloak over your shoulders so you may journey through realms in peace.


A very ancient grandfather energy,  formed during the Cretaceous Period, which began 145 million years ago and ended 66 million years ago at the time of the dinosaurs disappearing.  The nodues were formed in shallow lakes, when the nodules dried up  cracks formed in them, they filled up with silica (quarz) and calcite, from the shells of sea creatures, along with other inclusions over time. These cracks were thought to have been due to dehydration and shrinkage and by earthquakes or compaction.


It tells us that it’s important to understand how it was formed as it is a big indication of its energy and how it wishes to assist you.  It grew from elemental shake ups (earthquakes)  within the earth and it’s this gift it brings to you.  It wishes to take your energy into the earth to sit in the foundations of your earth star chakra, it is a time of soul growth and a leveling up through your lower chakras, which are expanding to support the higher vibrational light anchoring through you. 


Like an earthquake stirs the earth, parts the soil and sends electric pulses out through the grids, this is the energy septarian brings to you, it stirs your energy, clear pathways with electromagnetic pulses that can be moved and felt through all energetic pathways in your body. If you are wishing for change and finding yourself 'stuck in the energetic mud' it will bring the movement needed to propel you forward. 


 It holds raw power to tune into and mirror that sentiment back at you.  You are a powerful mix of elemental energies, light, sound, flames and rays gathered in your vessel, in your body.  You are like septaria, you can part ways, create new pathways, shake up the systems.  If you choose to, you can harness so much more of the earth's energies then you are currently.  


Consider this as a wake up.


Wake up to your elemental gifts, your fire, your lightning and electric power to clear.


It assists women connect to their womb in a very deep and primordial way, linking in with the ancestral line through the spine and bringing forward your original origins and first ancestors to guide you back to your womb heart and the cosmic womb of the mother, the void. 


 It creates pathways of light through the womb portal to support you through your inner work and releasing along the feminine /mother line within you.  It wants to bring your ancient origins close to support you at this time of leveling up, it wants to hold you through your connection to the void, the cosmic mothers womb of creation.




Septaria Nodule