I have really been enjoying working with Jade to bring gentle and peaceful feelings to my body and heart, with the enrgies of the collective being very dense at the moment, working with these 3 pieces before bed on my heart and third eye really have been supporting me in sinking into silence, with tranquil feelings.


In this set you have the following-


Green Jade

Nephrite Jade (dark green)

Lilac and purple jade- (the more unusual and harder find of the 3)



To work with the energies of jade we must get down to her level, she asks you to leave the ego to one side and meet her at her level where there is no one higher than the other, we are all equal.  From this level and even space she teaches us to be humble, healing the heart through compassion.  


Her energy is feminine, goddess energy, representing the triple goddess, from maiden to mother and crone, she acknowledges and nurtures all aspects of you. Reminding you that you are fertile in your wishes and desires to create from your womb space.


Green Jade is a “growth crystal” – a powerful conduit of the earth’s Life Force of birth, development, and creation, and of the power of nature’s constant renewal


Jade wishes to bring the energy of peace and tranquility into your heart and mind, perhaps you have been rushing around recently, working and pushing yourself hard, it will help you with grounding through uncertain and changing times bringing a gentle understanding and integration that combats any worry’s, stress or any depression.


It is a stone that will rally your ancestors and bring them close, they will help you with grounding through these uncertain and changing times it brings intergration and assimilation.  Whilst your body is doing this, she protects and holds space and ground around you so there is no interference. 


Jade will help you recognize past traumas and work through them as well as addressing and feeling grief, it is a good stone for anyone who is prone to depression and worry.


If your like me and cant remember any dreams upon waking, having jade close by will assist you remember them, its known as  a dream stone -


It's good for the heart and maintaining good cholesterol levels. It is also thought to help with DNA/RNA and fertility.


Purple Jade encourages  happiness, and purifies the aura. It dispels the negative and increases your level of discernment.


A trio of Jade.