Chakra- Base/Sacral/earth star



Look at the Autumn colour in this piece,  it links to the trees and Druid wisdom with many energetic frequencies of cedar, pine and laurel coming in standing along side this stone. Definatly one of those for you who do earth work and commune with the trees.


It hold's other worlds inside to explore, helping you go within yourself, but also to help you journey deeper within inner earths planes of exsistance.


*It is called Shamanic dream quartz for its ability to help you journey through realms, taking you into a trance like state, including visionar experience, strengthening your communication with spirit. Working with it on your third eye will really help work with your clairvoyance gifts.

*Gazing at its phantom like inclusions, will take you further into its inner worlds, deepening your connection to the natural world-the  elements, fae and green magic.

*It acts as a grounding cord to inner earth as you travel high it keeps you connected, harmonizing the mind and body.

*Quartz is a power stone and an amazing amplifier, boosting and opening your auric field. Place it next to any crystal to amplify that stones energy and making sure you program them with intentions.

*It’s a great stone for clarity, clearing energetic pathways through you, and connecting you to the universe beyond yourself.

*Assists you during meditation to reach higher levels of consciousness faster.

*It’s a master healer stone and so full of pure white light, it cuts through any low vibrations instantly, purifying and lifting spirits and the vibrations within your aura and space.

*It absorbs environmental pollutants and any lower vibrations around you.

* Will bring an unlimited potential of growth to your spiritual path.


Smokey Shamanic Dream Quartz

  • This is a stone you can cleanse in any of the normal ways, its dense and hardwaring.


    *Crystals are an aid to healing they should never be used instead of medicine or medical treatment*

  • 6cmx 5cm