Origin- Madagascar

Chakra- Crown.

Size Approx- 2cm x 2.5cm


*This shell opens and strengthens the third eye and intuition. It can help to understand dreams and is a good tool to ward off bad dreams and nightmares. It assists in developing an awareness of the Divine without you losing your connection to the earth.


* I use it to bring a new fresh wave of energies through the light body and especially the third eye, as the swirl symbolizes that movement of energy and being with the flow of life in a more easy going, open way.


*Connecting deeply with the third eye and crown, it brings a purifying energy to cleanse and balance them.


*This stone structure allows many higher frequencies (downloads) from your higher chakras bringing them down in a manageable flow, to move through and activate you with ease. 


 *it calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination by bringing in new ideas.


*Holding the element of the water, this stone calms and soothes emotions and the emotional body. it transforms and transmutes negative energy wherever it is placed. 


*It’s a stone to work with to strengthen intuition and help with discernment.


*A perfect stone to meditate with, it helps you understand your choices, drop into your heart at a deeper level.


*Shiva Shell contains links to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva, who many believe is a transforming force.


*It is the shell of the sea snail, the snail teaches us to go slow, be calm and grounded, be cautious and well thought out with our actions.


Shiva Shell carved teardrop