Chakra-Base, Crown, Earth star
Origin-family mine in the Minas Gerais Region of Brazil

Approx size- 8.5cm x 7cm


This piece is from a recent delivery from brazil of beautiful included quartz that has been cut and poished into an alter point.

*Smokey quartz absorbs negative energy, transmuting and purifying it whilst returning it to your core for energetic grounding. its a wonderful gentle protectove energy for those who might find the black grounding crystals like tourmaline too heavy.  Smokey quartz Is more fluid and watery, it allows for more movement in the energy field, it does not hold you still like other heavier grounding and protecting stones do.

*It cleanses all the chakras and shields the aura, it’s excellent for strengthening your core.

*its good for grounding and re balancing, de toxifying and letting go of past hurt

*Really good for People who are prone to anxiety or depression, placed at the side of your bed will absorb anything you have attracted during the day, including any worries.

*Its vibrations are earthy and high, great for helping raise your own frequency in energy work.

*Works on the kidneys and other organs to eliminate toxins.

*It restores energy and shines a light on gifts that may be hiding in the shadows of your soul.

Smoke Quartz polished tower

  • Smoke quartz is very hardwaring, and can be cleansed in any way that you wish.


    Crystals are a great tool to aid healing but should never be used instead of medicine